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Tea Education, Tasting and Work Shop Classes

Interested in a serious tea education and tea tasting, curious about the unknown world of tea, or just simply want to have fun? We are pleased to bring unparalleled tea education and tea tasting classes to the greater Washington DC area.  

All classes are conducted by Victoria Wu, our own tea expert, brings first-hand knowledge and expertise through formal training as well as from her various extensive treks throughout the tea-producing regions of China. During each type of class, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge about tea, a glimpse into the history and culture of tea, a review of true tea origins and their cultivars, a look into the craftsmanship involved in the making of fine teas, and a summary of the unique health benefits provided by specific teas. And to add more fun, each class you will taste 3-4 distinctive world finest teas. 

All classes are small in size and 2-2.5 hours in duration. 

We can customize classes or private tasting and tea parties upon your request. We also cater tea classes and tastings for corporate and group event. Minimum 4 participants. Please contact us by email    




Tea 101 Fundamentals and Tasting, Work Shop 

A great fun and learning session to explore the world of tea, from leaf to cup, profiles of six classes of tea, origins, history, health benefits. Taste four types of the world's finest teas.

  • An introduction to the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis
  • The characteristics and tasting profiles of the six classes of tea
  • Tasting four classes of world finest teas. Some of these teas are so rare that you will not find anywhere else! 
  • Terroir, terroir, terroir
  • Hands-on:  each participant will have a tea tray and gaiwan to brew a tea
  • Medicinal properties – Fact or fiction?
  • Which tea is best for me? 

Steeping to Perfection, Hands-on 

Explore and experience the art and techniques of gongfu brewing!  Each participant is provided with two teas, a Gaiwan, a tea tray, a set of utensils and a water kettle for hands-on practice. 

  • The perfect cup – leaf to water ratio, temperature, steeping time, speed of watering
  • What is gongfu brewing? 
  • History and importance of the gaiwan and Yixing teapot in Chinese tea culture
  • How to use a gaiwan and the nuances of the brewing techniques
  • How to brew green tea
  • How to brew oolong tea - challenge
  • Hands-on practice – brew like a pro
  • Learn how to analyze tea quality and tasting notes

Focused Tasting 

Gain in-depth knowledge and develop an educated palate for a specific class of tea, and learn how to taste tea like a professional tea taster. Periodic rotation from either green, oolong or puerh tea.

  • A brief introduction to the type of tea, its history, culture and terroir
  • Discuss individual characteristics and taste profiles of each tea
  • Taste and compare a flight of 4 distinct teas
  • How each tea varietal is made and its unique health aspects
  • How to select a quality tea
  • Can you ID the tea? Blind tea tasting and assessment

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1. Tea 101 Fundamentals and Tasting, Work Shop 



2.  Puerh Tea Fundamentals and Focused Tasting 201



 3. Tea 102, Steeping to Perfection, Hands-on 


4. Educational Grand Tasting of Seven Types of Tea, Workshop