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Tea 101 Fundamentals and Tasting Class, A Flight of Five World Class Tea, Hands-on

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Come join us for a great fun learning session exploring the world of fine Chinese tea; the six classes of tea, origins, history, tasting profiles, health benefits, and hands-on gongfu tea steeping. This class will surely build the foundation of your essential knowledge of tea and guide you past the many, often misconceived notions about tea.

This class is conducted by Victoria, who is passionate about tea and has traveled extensively in China's legendary and mysterious tea mountains, learning all about tea from growers and tea masters and through her studies of Chinese tea at various institutions throughout China. 

Class is 2.5 hours in duration in a small classroom environment. There will be a simplified gongfu tea ceremony demonstration. PowerPoint slides and many field photos and videos are presented. Each person is provided a gaiwan for hands-on learning. Minimum four attendees required to ensure an optimal learning experience. Cookies and snacks will be provided. 

After the class, we will gather together to dine in a local reputable Chinese restaurant for a social after-tea time. 

  • An introduction to the tea plant, Camellia Sinensis
  • A brief survey of Chinese tea art and history as well as a presentation of Chinese tea ceremony
  • The characteristics and flavor profiles of the six classes of tea
  • Tasting a flight of five of the world's finest teas, of rare high quality and authenticity you will not find anywhere else!
  • Hands on Gongfu brewing - how to brew a perfect cup of tea by using a Gaiwan 
  • Medicinal properties – Fact or fiction? 
  • Which tea is best for me? 
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