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Yellow tea is a class of tea based on green tea but with some oxidation.  Due to its special process, the tea leaves and the liquor are both yellowish, thus the name yellow tea. This process has an added step of slight oxidation called Wodui. Yellow tea is exclusive to China's tea-making history. However, the prevalency of yellow tea-making and the skills required have diminished in recent past due to its high cost, and limited access outside the producing region. Yellow tea has the same health benefits as green tea, and is more soothing to the stomach and has a sweeter taste in general. Meng Ding yellow tea is one of the three major yellow teas in the world of tea. 

The process of scented tea is very different than the flavored or blended tea. Modern version of flavored tea is to add dried fruits or flowers into the tea leaves. Scented tea is very common to use artificial scents, oil extract oils or other artificial agents to add fragrance to the tea leaves. Our selection of scented tea is traditionally made with high quality tea leaves that takes hours and weeks to absorb the scent from the fresh flowers, such as Jasmine green tea, or smokes from the pine tree such as Lapsang Souchong black tea. Jasmine tea has a strong fragrance that attracts tea lovers worldwide, and brings a soothing and relaxing effect. Our Jasmine tea is naturally scented with real fresh Jasmine flowers.