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About Us

Who Are We?

The Chinese word "Meimei" conjures a world of beauty and art. We believe this reflects the unique spiritual and artistic dimensions to tea.

Our mission is therefore simple. We want to bring the world’s finest teas from their historic origins straight to your cup, and in so doing, share with you the rich history and culture that makes tea so fascinating, enjoyable, and fulfilling.

Tea sourcing Yiwu mountain village Wang Gong 

We want to promote an authentic tea experience and a healthy lifestyle, and become your source for highest quality tea. From the misty mountains where the budding tea leaves are first formed to their unfolding goodness in every steeping, we believe that a beautiful cup truly leads to a beautiful life.   

Ensure Superior Quality and Taste

a man cooking food in a bowl

We select our teas with three criteria in mind:

  • Quality - Our teas are from true origin, sourced directly from the historical mountains and core tea producing regions. We carefully select teas that are high mountain teas, artisanally produced, with the highest standards and care.
  • All natural and organic - Natural comes from the quality of leave, the process, and the end product.  No any artificial flavors added whatsoever. 
  • Taste - Our teas must set the standards for how a cup of tea taste with the enjoyment of sensory experience. Our tea expert samples hundreds of teas in an effort to find only exceptional offerings. 

We personally visit historical tea producing regions and scour places like Yunnan, Sichuan, and Fujian province to find the best teas available today. Our unique selection includes all six classes of tea, including rare yellow teas, exotic green teas, and hard-to-find wild-grown tea. 

    Yunnan puerh tea sourcing Yiwu mountain leaf picking


Victoria tasting Wuyi rock oolong tea


Our dedication to quality and taste is also reflected in our packaging and storage. We use the best foil pouches on the market, which completely block light and moisture to ensure maximum protection, so the tea you purchase retains its freshness, aroma and taste much longer.


One-Of-A-Kind Tea Wares

We believe tea ware plays an indispensable role in authentic tea experience. In fact, aesthetics is inseparable from the act of drinking it. We want our teawares to represent the best that famous Chinese porcelains and artists have to offer, and so we seek out fine work from highly experienced and great masters as well as promising young artists. These exclusive, fine handcrafted Chinese teawares of quality that you will find nowhere else. 

   Jingdezhen porcelain teaware gaiwan hand-made     Jingdezhen blue and white porcelain gaiwan hand-drawing


 Sharing Knowledge and Culture

MeiMei Fine Teas is not just about tea—it is also about the way of tea, the people and the culture behind the tea, and the appreciation and enjoyment of tea. We promise to share as much as possible about the history and terroir, the people, and the origin of each of our teas, including how the tea is processed and any other significant aspects of it, in order to ensure that you can get the most out of your cup. 

We also conduct tea education and tasting classes to help you explore the world of tea. Our tea classes are very much enjoyed by the attendees. 

Jingmai one thousand year old ancient puerh tea vilalge    

Bingdao village Victoria's puerh tea sourcing trip

From the tea leaves, the color of the liquor, the gaiwan or teapot, the tea table, the tea house, the time you enjoy alone or sharing with others, the artisans who make the tea, the rituals of the tea ceremony—we want to help you see that the world of tea and the art of tea is steeped in a very fascinating history and culture. 


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