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“Three Thousand Weak Waters, Only One Scoop” – Introducing Yixing Teapot Shi Piao (石瓢)

December 04, 2019

Yixing teapots are unique to Chinese gongfu tea culture and are only produced in Yixing city of Jiangshu province. This particular teapot style originated during the Ming dynasty by the Yixing zisha teapot Shi Piao by Meimei Fine Teasfamed Gong Chun (供春) potter who created the first famous Gong Chun Yixing teapot using the...

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A Perfect Circle: Tasting the 2013 Fuding White Peony Natural Beauty Cake

October 25, 2019

History: Fuding County in Fujian Province is not just a core-producing area for white tea; it is the place that gave birth to the white tea we know today, beginning in the early 19th century.

2013 white poeny bai mu dan tea cake - Meimei Fine Teas

Although white tea production is now more...

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