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Why is West Lake Dragonwell Expensive? Long Jing and The Hidden Factors of Tea Pricing

August 15, 2019

If you’ve ever shopped for West Lake Dragonwell green tea, you may have wondered why the pricing can vary so much from vendor to vendor. 

 Meimei Fine Teas West Lake Dragon Well Green Tea Xihu Longjing Cha

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Beyond the Tea Sourcing Trips – Why Terroir Matters, An Interview with Victoria Wu (Part 2)

August 08, 2019

- Continued from Part 1

Derek: You said that you wanted to be able to provide your teas are of the highest quality. Is this why you decided that you would annually visit China and directly source your teas when you started MeiMei Fine Teas? 

Meimei Fine Teas Tea Souring Journey 

Victoria: Obviously, it would be...

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