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How to Season a Yixing Teapot

July 11, 2019

Whether you’ve just purchased your first Yixing teapot or are simply thinking about it, it’s important to know that some care should be taken to ready your teapot for seasoning.

Meimei Fine Teas how to season Yixing teapot

Remember that Yixing teapots are to be used with only one kind of tea, and so you’ll want...

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How to Drink Tea from a Gaiwan

July 04, 2019

Although the gaiwan remains the most widely preferred teaware for gongfu tea ceremonies, did you know that it can also be used more casually? Indeed, one reason it has retained such immense popularity for nearly a thousand years is that it possesses remarkable versatility, able to adapt perfectly to nearly any setting and need. 

In celebration...

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