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Beyond Victoria's Sourcing Trips

Dedicated entirely to authentic and high-quality tea, Victoria travels far and wide on annual tea sourcing trips to China’s historical tea mountains and regions. In this post, Victoria eagerly shares her sourcing philosophy and discoveries in a personal interview with a fellow tea enthusiast.

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Breaking off Pu'erh Cake Leaves

Learn how to properly break off leaves from a pu'erh tea cake.

Blogs and Education

Spring Harvest Update 2022

The new harvest will finally soon arrive in Virginia!

Despite all the difficulties in light of China combating Covid, our sourcing partner in China was able to make it to the legendary tea regions and secured our favorite teas and...

West Lake Dragon Well Green Tea

Do you really know your Dragonwell green tea? An Emperor's Tale...

The origins of Dragonwell green tea begin in West Lake, located in modern Huangzhou City of China. Here, it is said that about three hundred years ago, the emperor of Qing dynasty, Qian Nong, visited this region

The Tao of Tea: Part One (Philosophy of Preparing Tea)

Preparing tea is like contemplating the perfect circle. What is a perfect circle after all? To a philosopher like Plato, it is because of the perfect form...


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