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Beyond Victoria's Sourcing Trips

Dedicated entirely to authentic and high-quality tea, Victoria travels far and wide on annual tea sourcing trips to China’s historical tea mountains and regions. In this post, Victoria eagerly shares her sourcing philosophy and discoveries in a personal interview with a fellow tea enthusiast.

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From Leaf to Cake – An Intrepid Journey to Curate the World’s Most Highly Treasured Pu-erh Tea.

Join Victoria as she tours the renowned pristine terrace of Lao Ban Zhang tea village.

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The Origin of Cha Dao, or the Tao of Tea

The earliest occurrence of the word of "Cha Dao", or the Tao of Tea, can be traced back to the literature of Jiao Ran's poem regarding the benefit of drinking tea. Starting in the Tang dynasty about 1200 years ago...

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Wuyi Rock Oolong - What exactly is "Rock Bone, Floral Fragrance"?

In recent years, Wuyi Rock Oolong has becom a tea lover's wonderland for its temperament and mesmerizing taste. Wuyi tea lovers specifically love to chase after...

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Off the Beaten Path - A Paradise Tea from the Sunshine-Scattered Jungle

Tong Qing River Pue-erh tea is named after the Tong Qing river, as it is from an unknown forest off the beaten path, far away from...

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