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The Joy of Tasting a Pu'erh: Lao Man'E Ancient Tree, Sheng

October 03, 2019

Last week, we discussed what to expect when you venture into the exotic territory of pu’erh tasting. Unlike other forms of tea, it is pu’erh that usually has the most impressive endurance, lasting through many infusions. But not only that, it’s the transition, the changes fromMeimei Fine Teas rwa puerh Lao Man'E tea tasting...

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Enjoying the Process: The Four Stages of Pu’erh Tea Tasting

September 19, 2019

Pu’erhs are one of the most complex kinds of teas out there, and with that complexity comes tremendous joy that tea drinkers can expect over a testing session.

Meimei Fine Teas puerh tea

Unfortunately, many novice tea drinkers make the mistake of assuming their pu’erhs should be treated like all their other teas – steeped somewhere...

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