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A gaiwan is an essential vessel for brewing Gongfu tea. Gaiwan, meaning “lidded bowl”, consists of a lid, a cup, and a saucer. Each of the individual components has a unique function. In Chinese tea culture, the lid is a metaphor for Heaven, the cup represents a person, and the saucer is the Earth, all existing as one in perfect harmony. The gaiwan was invented during the Ming Dynasty and became popular during the Qing Dynasty.

A Gaiwan can be used either as a teapot to brew tea, or as a personal tea drinking vessel. The saucer serves as a base of the vessel, and also enables you to hold a cup of hot tea. The cup is for brewing and can also be used as a tea cup. The lid serves as a cover when brewing the tea, and can also be used to move the tea leaves around inside the cup to release more flavor and to strain the leaves while drinking.  

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