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Tea 201 Pu-erh Tea Fundamentals And Tasting Class

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Explore and learn the fundamentals of Puerh tea, its unique production process, terroirs, aging properties, and health benefits. A comparison between the two subcategories: sheng (raw) and shu (ripened/cooked) puerh tea.

Maximum of 8 participants to ensure the best learning experience. Minimum of 4 participants to ensure sufficient interaction. Cookies and snacks will be provided. 

  • An introduction to puerh tea, its history, culture and terroir.
  • Discussion of individual characteristics and taste profiles of puerh tea from the core producing regions of Menghai, Yiwu, Lingcang.
  • How each category of puerh tea is made, its aging properties, and health claims.
  • A focused tasting of four delicious sheng puerh and shu puerh teas, including teas from the most famous Bing Dao village, Yiwu mountain, Menghai.  
  • Hands-on learning of how to properly brew puerh tea gongfu style. Each participant will be supplied a tea tray and related utensils for practicing their newly found skills.
  • How to select a quality puerh tea. 

When:   TBD