Meimei Fine Teas - Jingdezhen Yingqing Porcelain Gongfu Fair Cup - Tea Ware

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Tea Ware - Jingdezhen Yingqing Porcelain Gongfu Fair Cup MeiMei Fine
Tea Ware - Jingdezhen Yingqing Porcelain Gongfu Fair Cup MeiMei Fine

Jingdezhen Yingqing Porcelain Gongfu Fair Cup

$ 310.00

A one-of-a-kind treasure that represents the pinnacle of Jingdezhen's porcelain craftsmanship, incorporating the original Gaolingtu (高岭土) clay materials and stringent firing requirements, completely hand-crafted and finished at a top Jingdezhen porcelain studio. The type of porcelain used in crafting this fair cup is called Ying Qing Ci, the very best and authentic Jingdezhen porcelain, the very essence of Jingdezhen's thousand-year porcelain ware craftsmanship heritage and reputation. Gaolingtu is very fine and white clay, difficult to fire successfully, it is off white with a slightly blue undertone, and it exhibits the luminescence that is characteristic of the spectacular Jingdezhen porcelain. Gaolingtu is very scarce nowadays. Certainly, large volumes, low-quality Jingdezhen wares on the market don't incorporate Gaolingtu clay material. 

Yingqing porcelain was the most desired teaware in Song dynasty and referred to as the Jade of Porcelain. Historically Yingqing porcelain has four distinctive attributes: white like jade, thin like paper, reflective like a mirror, and sounds like a bell. This piece is truly unique and exclusive to our online store. 

An fair cup plays an important role in the gongfu tea service. The name implies the fair and respectful treatment of everyone at the tea table. The fair cup serves to distribute the tea liquor equally to every cup. 

The relief pattern features an orchid, a timeless subject in ancient Chinese artwork and paintings. It is simply elegant and beautiful to behold and comfortable to use. It will surely enrich your tea experience. 

Capacity: 280ml / 9.5oz