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Some Ideas to Pair Your Favorite Food with Tea

Some Ideas to Pair Your Favorite Food with Tea

Tea can be enjoyed on nearly every occasion, but perhaps one of the best times to unwind with your favorite cup is when you get a chance to pair it with a nice dessert. With summer quickly approaching, let's take a look at some of the small treats out there that you can prepare easily at home. 

1. Lavender Honey Madeleines

Madeleines and Tea

While frequently enjoyed with coffee, madeleines can make an excellent petite treat to enjoy with tea. Epicurious provides a really clean recipe for Lavender Honey Madeleines. By purchasing a madeleine pan and using a small amount of lavender honey in the recipe, you too can make `this wonderful dessert.

Lavender is a flavor that pairs really well with black tea, which would make this the perfect morning snack...after breakfast of course! Try one of the following:

  • TraditionalKeemun Imperial Gongfu
  • Bold: Tong Mu Guan Lapsang Souchong

2. Almond Shortbread Tea Cookies

Almond Tea Cookies

Dixie Crystals has a wonderful recipe for Almond Shortbread Tea Cookies. These cookies are quick, easy, and delicious. With flavors of almond, vanilla, and a little sugary sweetness, they are an excellent complement to complex teas. Try one of the following for the ultimate afternoon lunch break:

  • Traditional: Wuyi Rou Gui
  • Bold: Phoenix Mi Lan Xiang

3. Blueberry Basil Tartlets


Tea Time Magazine - Blueberry Basil Tartlet

Image Source: Tea Time Magazine

Tea Time Magazine has posted a mouth-watering recipe for these gorgeous Blueberry Basil Tartlets. Using fresh blueberries, Greek yogurt, honey, and a touch of basil, these guilt-free treats are the answer to your lazy Sundays. Try them out with one of the following teas:

  • Traditional: Wild White Peony
  • Bold: 2006 Lao Liu Bao

These are just a few ideas on how to pair some teas with sweet treats. We'll be sure to look at more recipes throughout the year, and we'll certainly suggest some teas to pair with them 

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