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Top Green Tea FAQ's

Top Green Tea FAQ's

Green tea’s popularity has been on the rise for many years and with good reason.  Not only does a properly brewed high quality green tea taste great, but many studies have indicated that it possesses many compelling benefits for maintaining good health. 

That said, let's review a few of the commonly asked questions we receive from our customers regarding green tea:

1. Some people say that there is no difference between some cheaper green teas on the market and the more expensive ones. Why should I pay more?

There are many important factors when selecting a quality green tea, though greatest consideration should be given to where the tea is grown, how it is processed, and most importantly, how the tea is sourced. The purest, highest quality green teas are found in higher elevations, where the need for fertilizers or insecticides is minimal.  Also, tea sourced from their original origins ensure that the tea is crafted using the best methods by the most skilled tea masters.  And lastly, great, organically grown tea is typically limited in supply and higher priced, and is thus bypassed by the mass-market tea sellers.  So, tea that is personally sourced from such tea growers ensures that the cleanest and highest quality green teas find their way to your cup. At MeiMei Fine Teas, our passion drives us to learn from the great tea masters, where we personally sample thousands of different teas in pursuit of the purest and finest.   

 Anji Bai Cha Green Tea - Meimei Fine Teas

2. What’s the best way to store green tea?

Since green tea is only minimally oxidized, it is recommended to refrigerate the tea to prolong its flavor.  Your tea container is also critical.  Ideally, to ensure maximum freshness and flavor, it should be stored in a top quality airtight, light-blocking pouch, such as those that MeiMei Fine Teas provides with all our tea orders.  Also, be sure to remove as much air as possible from the pouch prior to storage.  A tea tin alone will not preserve the freshness of the tea, unless it contains an inner sealed pouch.

3. Many vendors claim to “buy fresh from the farmers” or that they “personally select the best teas”, so how do I know who to trust when I wish to purchase the best green tea?

Though many vendors make such claims and many legitimately so, as they say, “the proof is in the pudding”.   If you do a little bit of research, however, you can make a more educated decision when selecting a vendor.  Scan their website’s blogs and product pages for visual evidence of tea trips, sourcing techniques, and awards.  It may also be desirable to research the tea itself, i.e. searching for the sensory attributes of a top quality Dragonwell.  Of course, the ultimate judge is what you experience from your cup. 

 Dragon Well Green Tea Meimei Fine Teas

At MeiMei Fine Teas, our passion for great tea sends us into the high mountains of China, famous for their pristine landscapes and meticulously crafted teas.   Our goal is to spread the word about these great legendary teas, encourage the appreciation of their history and culture, and optimize the enjoyment of these diverse and amazing teas through the instruction of proper tea brewing and storage. 

Tea is life, make it great!

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