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Wuyi Rock Oolong White Rooster Crest Bai Ji Guan 白鸡冠


One of the four most famous of authentic Wuyi rock oolong ancient varietals. It is a rarity of Wuyi rock oolong, not just for its appearance of light color in the leave, but also for its very pleasant floral fragrance and unique taste. The young leaves are bright yellowish and similar to the shape of a rooster’s comb, thus its name came from.

The tea is from the authentic cliff area of Wuyi mountain, Huiyuan Cave to be specific, which is one of the most thought after Wuyi oolong producing area. The dry leaves are dark yellowish, moderately oxidized and lightly roasted by Master Liu Qing, one of the rising tea masters inherited from his tea family. The red edge is visible in the fully soaked leaves. It is very fragrant, floral and fruity, has notes of apricot, pear, peach, almond, well-round, full bodied, very smooth, with sweet aftertaste. 

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Origin:                   Wuyi Mountain region, Fujian province, China

Harvest:                 May 2018, traditionally fired over charcoal

Grade:                    Zhen Yan 

Caffeine level:       Medium

    Floral, fruity, notes of apricot, pear, peach, almond, well-round full bodied, very smooth, with sweet aftertaste. 

    210oF, 5 grams (2 tbsp) for 6-8 oz of spring/filtered water, adjust to taste, 1 min, 6 steepings. We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water. 

    Gongfu brewing guide:  

    It is recommend to use the Gongfu brewing method in order to get the most out of the tea. 

    Use a gaiwan or Yixing clay pot to enhance the aroma and taste, usually 8 grams (3 tbsp) of dry leaves for 120 ml (3.4 oz) of water. When using gongfu brewing method, it is essential to warm up the brewing vessel so that the water temperature will not drop significantly before brewing. The recommended brewing time is 10s, 10s, 15s, 20s, 25s. You may add 5 or 10 seconds steeping time for each subsequent infusions.

    Please click here for more detailed Gongfu brewing instructions.