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Jun Porcelain Tea Bowl Charcoal-fired Masterpiece The Universe 150ml

The Jun kiln, in Yuzhou, Henan province, is one of the five famous kilns hailing from the Song dynasty about 960-1279 years ago.  Jun kiln is renowned for its ever changing glaze. In fact, for good Jun porcelain, no piece has the exact same glaze as any other. 

This cup is made by the famous master Zhao Zhanchao. Charcoal firing is a difficult technique that requires master skills. This cup produced a rare Yaobian with a color combination of pink, light and deep green and gray. The most amazing creation of this bowl is the composition of six long lines and a pair of six short lines which represent the concept of the heaven and the earth, or the Universe of ancient Chinese metaphysical notion that found in Yi Ching, The Book of Change. The metaphor of this bowl is that the universe is at hand, meaning the world is in control. 

It is certainly the only one of its kind in the Jun porcelain world. This piece is also heavy, holds comfortably, and is perfect for personal use. A simply beautiful art piece that will surely enrich your authentic tea experience. 

It comes with a certificate of authentication, signed by the master artisan.  

Size:  3.6" width, 1.75" tall;  Capacity: 150ml / 5.1oz;   Weight: 9.7oz