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Artisan Jianshui Clay Wood-fired Teapot Dragon Egg Long Dan

This beautiful classically shaped dragon egg teapot represents the highest quality wood-fired Jian Shui clay ware. Handcrafted by a local rising master, you can see the natural firing on the surface of the teapot, with different colors from different angles. Red, purple, dark green, yellow, brown, and more, so rich and diverse in color. A true one-of-a-kind teapot worthy of owning. Dragon egg shape is the classic clay teapot form, originating with Yixing clay teapots. Due to its versatile function and easy grip, it has became one of the most popular Chinese clay teapot styles. 

Jian Shui clay is extracted from the local "five color" mountain, in which the soil has abundant deposits of red, yellow, purple, white, and brownish clay content, which the locals refer to as "Wu Se Tu", meaning five color soil. Iron is the richest element in this clay, so a lot of Jian Shui teapots have a black color or are mixed tones, featuring reddish or copper tints. Jian Shui Purple Clay Pottery was established during the Tang dynasty, about 1200 years ago, and is one of the four famous Chinese potteries. 

Capacity; 175ml / 6oz

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