Meimei Fine Teas - Gongfu Brewing Fundamentals and Gaiwan and Yixing Teapot Essentials Hands-on

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tea class - Gongfu Brewing Fundamentals and Gaiwan Yixing Teapot

Gongfu Brewing Fundamentals and Gaiwan and Yixing Teapot Essentials Hands-on


Come join us for learning and experience the world of Gongfu brewing, the art and techniques that make your brew a perfect cup. Explore Gaiwan and Yixing Zisha teapot and the nuances between different teaware. 

This class is conducted by Victoria Wu, who is the founder and a tea lover and expert. She is passionate about tea and has traveled extensively in China's legendary and mysterious tea mountains, learning all about tea from growers and tea masters and through her studies of Chinese tea at various institutions throughout China. 

Class is 2 hours in duration in a small classroom environment. There will be a simplified gongfu tea ceremony demonstration. Each person is provided with a set of teaware and utensils for hands-on learning and will practice brewing oolong and puerh tea. Cookies and snacks will be provided. 

  • What is gongfu brewing? 
  • History and importance of the gaiwan and Yixing teapot in Chinese tea culture
  • The five famed ancient Chinese kilns and how to identify them
  • How to use a gaiwan and Yixing teapot, and the nuances of each brewing technique
  • How to select quality teaware
  • How to brew a perfect cup of tea
  • How to brew green tea - misconceptions
  • How to brew oolong tea and pu'erh tea - the challenge
  • Hands-on practice – brew like a pro 

    Date: Sunday, March 8, 2020. 3-5pm