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Genuine Yixing Zisha Clay Teapot Hei Ni Xi Shi (西施)

Xi Shi Hu is a beloved timeless style of Yixing Zisha clay teapot. Xi Shi is one of the four famous ancient Chinese beauty legends. Xi Shi teapot shapes like the beauty legend Xi Shi's breast, so the name. The handle is called "Dao Ba", Dao means inverted, Ba means handle. The handle is imitated like an ancient lady's hairdo. This teapot is handcrafted from Yixing Hei Ni clay, which is a rare compound in Yixing clay. 

Zisha is known to have the ability to absorb tea liquor and flavor. Over a period of time the surface of the tea pot can reflect the color and aroma of the tea that it brews and become glazed. 

A new Zisha teapot should be seasoned before use: soak the Zisha teapot in a clean pot, with the water fully covering the teapot, and boil the water for a half hour to one hour. After boiling has completed, carefully remove the teapot, and rinse. 

This teapot is already seasoned and ready to use. 

Capacity:   280ml / 9.5 oz 

$ 476.00
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