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Porcelain Chicken Tea Cup Replica of Ming Dynasty Chenghua Mark

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This is a high quality replica of the one of the most famous Chinese porcelain pieces in the world, some describing it as the "holy grail" of Chinese art. The real antique cup was made during the reign of the Ming Chenghua Emperor, who ruled from 1465 to 1487. The cup is very colorful and features a rooster and hen tending to their young chicks. There are two groups of pictures on each side of the cup. One shows a hen fighting with a worm with one of her young excited chicks cheering her on while the others are playing around. The other painting shows the hen and her three young chicks catching the worm, while the cock crows proudly. 

The cup is 3.5” in diameter, 1.5” tall. Each piece is purely hand painted, so each pattern on the cup is slightly different. 

Just for the record, a 500-year-old treasure chicken cup sold for $36.3 million at a 2014 Sotheby’s sale in Hong Kong.


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