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Geniune Yixing Zisha Purple Clay Teapot Classic Pumpkin Aged Lao Zi Ni

This beautiful tea pot has a classic pumpkin shape and is made with aged purple clay Yuan Kuang Lao Zi Ni.  Lao Zi Ni is a highly sought-after clay in the market, whose delicate material enhances the tea flavor better than newer clay materials. The pumpkin-shape is a traditional classic style, beloved by many tea drinkers, and carried on by many famed potter masters in centuries, such as Chen Ming Yuan (陈鸣远) of Qing dynasty, the most reputable Jiang Rong of the modern era. This teapot is inspired by Chen Ming Yuan's famous pumpkin teapot "Dong Ling Gua Hu" (东陵瓜壶). Pumpkin teapots are harder to make and fire due to the shape of cloves. 

Completely hand-crafted by master Qian, who is a certified artist sanctioned by the Chinese governing authority. Mrs. Qian is the daughter of master Qian, who is the nephew and successor of the most famed master Jiang Rong. She has been trained by her father and has been making Zisha teapots for over 25 years. Please note her stamps on the bottom, handle, inside lid and on the inside of the teapot. 

Zisha is known to have the ability to absorb tea liquor and flavor. Over a period of time the surface of the tea pot can reflect the color and aroma of the tea that it brews and become glazed. 

This teapot is seasoned and ready to use. 

Capacity:   200ml / 6.8oz