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Artisan Jian Shui Purple Clay Teapot Zen by master Tian Jing

Capacity:   190ml / 6.5 oz

This beautiful classic shaped teapot represents the top quality of Jian Shui clay ware. Due to Jian Shui clay has high content of iron makes it an idea clay for teapot. The black surface of this teapot is made with traditional method, polished with no glaze. The Chinese character on the teapot means “in a solitary state of deep contentment, with no material desires, as one with nature.”

This tea pot is made by master Tian Jing, who is the top Jian Shui pottery master in China, and one of only a handful of pottery masters that holds the official title and honor of “Certified Jian Shui Cultural Heritage Ambassador” for traditional Jian Shui purple clay artisanship by the national government authority.

A true one-of-a-kind teapot worthy of owning. Only one available.