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Artisan Jian Shui Purple Clay Teapot Orchid Dragon Pearl by Master Tian Jing

This beautiful classic shaped teapot represents the highest quality of Jian Shui clay ware. Jian Shui clay's high content of iron makes it an ideal clay for teapots. The black surface of this teapot is polished with no glaze. This tea pot is handcrafted by master Tian Jing / 田静, who is the top Jian Shui pottery master in China, and one of only a few of pottery masters that holds the official title of “Certified Cultural Heritage Ambassador” for traditional Jian Shui purple clay craftsmanship.

This teapot is inspired by the classic style teapot "Long Zhu", or Dragon Pearl in English. The top of the lid has a round shape like a pearl, with the spout and handle represented as a Dragon. Please note this is the artist’s real work, stamped with her name at the bottom, not the studio's work, which looks similar but is stamped as “Tao Cha Ju”. This teapot is ideal for Gougfu tea brewing sessions. It will certainly elevate your gongfu tea experience as well as a offer a good investment.

Jian Shui clay is extracted from the local "five color" mountain, in which the soil has abundant deposits of red, yellow, purple, white, and brownish clay content, which the locals refer to as "Wu Se Tu", meaning five color soil. Iron is the richest element in this clay, so a lot of Jian Shui teapots have a black color or are mixed tones, featuring reddish or copper tints. Jian Shui Purple Clay Pottery was established during the Tang dynasty, about 1200 years ago, and is one of the four famous Chinese potteries.

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Master:   Tian Jing ( 田静 )

Capacity:  200ml / 6.76 oz