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What’s New? A Glance at New Harvest Spring Green Teas

What’s New? A Glance at New Harvest Spring Green Teas

After traveling to China in April and May to source some fresh, exciting teas for the upcoming season, MeiMei Fine Teas is finally proud to present our latest lineup of teas. In today’s post, we’ll group together our green teas and talk a little about each, following up with the rest of the new teas in next week’s post. 

West Lake Dragon Well

West Lake Dragonwell (Xi Hu Long Jing) – Dragonwell is perhaps the tea that defines spring harvest, and so we’ve decided to present two different offerings of it this year. The first is the inimitable, true origin West Lake Dragonwell. This is a really nice pre-Ming harvest that epitomizes and elevates classic Dragonwell. It has the signature nuttiness with a slight vegetal taste along with the smooth body you’ve come to know and love. Connoisseurs will not want to miss this.

Zhejiang Dragonwell (Yu Qian Long Jing) – In addition to the West Lake area of Huangzhou, Dragonwell is now being cultivated elsewhere as well. This Dragonwell hails from Xincang in Zhejiang Province. If you want to know how terroir affects the flavor of tea, tasting these two Dragonwells back to back will give you some insight. While this Dragonwell also has standard one bud, one leaf along with the signature flat spear shape and other characteristics, it surprises with a nice, light floral fragrance that lingers in the nose. 

Zhao Bai Jian – This green tea comes from tea gardens in Gao Xian in Sichuan Province. While Sichuan has become quite renowned for its black tea, it has also been getting a lot of attention for some high-quality green teas as well, and Gao Xian produces some of the best of both. In an area with altitudes over 1000 meters, this should come as no surprise. Zhao Bai Jian comes from certified organic tea gardens in the misty Wu Meng Mountains, and it delights with a flavor profile featuring nuttiness and broccoli with a crisp, fresh finish and natural sweetness.

Zhao Bai Jian Early Spring Sichuan green tea

En Shi Yu Lu – En Shi Yu Lu comes from the Wuling mountain region in Hubei Province. Its name literally translates to “Jade Dew,” and the leaves make an exciting transition when infused, changing from a rich, deep green to a gentle, vibrant green. This is one of the few Chinese green teas to be produced through steaming instead of pan-firing. This process, coupled with its naturally occurring rich mineral content, gives En Shi Yu Lu a unique flavor, floating seamlessly between vegetal and floral flavors. If you’re a connoisseur, be sure to check out our premium, pre-Ming grade. 

purple tea by meimei fine teas 

Long Yuan Purple Buds – This is a brand new type of green tea, produced in Guangdong Province! Due to a high anthocyanin content (the same antioxidant that gives blueberries their bluish-purple colors), the tea leaves create a beautiful purple infusion. This tea is full-bodied, fragrant, and smooth, and it’s one that you don’t want to miss, especially if you’re looking for something unique and different!  

Be sure to share in the celebration of the year’s new teas with us and let us know which one is your favorite!

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