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The Health Benefits of White Tea

The Health Benefits of White Tea

There is a Chinese saying about Fuding white tea: "year one a tea, year three a medicine, and year seven a treasure". Chinese folk tradition used white tea to help cure cold and fever. In fact, white tea was once considered to be a medicinal tea in China. 

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The following two pictures are comparison of 2014 White Peony and 2006 White Peony.

a close up of a coffee cup sitting on top of a wooden table       a close up of a coffee cup sitting on top of a wooden table

We know from our previous blog  How Many Types of White Tea, white tea is the unprocessed tea with minimum oxidation. White tea contains the most abundant Catechins as the fresh leaves undergo less internal changes and has more amino acids than other teas.  Catechins is the most important antioxidant weapon against free radicals. Study suggests that antioxidant molecules can detoxify or counter the free radicals’ damage to the healthy cells in the body. The abundance of antioxidants can help boost immune system, help fighting bacteria and viruses, and increase energy levels.

Modern studies have suggested that white Tea can also help to slow aging. Free radicals from stress, lack of sleep, a poor diet, staying too long in the sun can damage the skin. As we stated above, the abundant antioxidants can help to fight the free radical from damage and reverse some of the damage. No wonder more and more skin care products have added white tea into their ingredients.

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White tea can also help prevent certain cancers such as stomach cancer, prostate and colon cancers. Catechins as mentioned above, has abundant antioxidants in the tea that can prevent from the malfunction of immune systems by the free radical attacks and prevent the development of cancer cells.

White tea has many other health benefits, such as help to reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, help ease the symptoms of arthritis, may reduce blood sugar and help diabetes. White tea can also help to keep the teeth and gums healthy too.

Drinking at least five cups of tea daily certainly can infuse our bodies with a healthy level of antioxidants, and help to maintain the healthy cells our body needs to fight against free radical molecules that can cause damage to our system. So, drink a good amount of tea, if not white tea. 

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