MeiMei Fine Teas is Awarded a Silver Medal in 2018 Global Tea Championship

MeiMei Fine Teas is Awarded a Silver Medal in 2018 Global Tea Championship

Each year, the Global Tea Championship features a diverse and large number of entrants representing a handful of categories. This year’s tasting competition took place in Boulder, Colorado on March 24th. Over 147 teas were represented from seven different countries. 

During this competition, judges are presented with unidentified teas in one of 27 categories, blindly tasting each and scoring them based on the quality of the leaves, the appearance of the liquor, and the excellence of aroma and flavor. In order to receive any kind of distinction, a tea is not simply judged against other teas but must receive a minimum number of points based on these criteria.

Because of the difficulty in receiving any kind of distinction in these competitions, it is with great honor and pride to announce that MeiMei Fine Teas has received a silver medal in this year’s Global Tea Championship. When sourcing our teas, we knew that we had a special one in our Fuding King Jasmine Green Tea, and we are delighted to discover that critics feel the same way.

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This jasmine tea is produced from the finest tea buds that are carefully scented five times by the tea master. When tasting a jasmine tea, we always look for a delicate balance between the comforting flavor of a good green tea and the soothing aroma of jasmine, taking care to ensure that neither the jasmine nor the green tea are too weak or too strong. In this year’s King Jasmine, we found precisely that, a perfect harmony.

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