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Meet the Intoxicating, Enchanting Long Yuan Mark, a slightly-Roasted Raw Pu-erh tea

Meet the Intoxicating, Enchanting Long Yuan Mark, a slightly-Roasted Raw Pu-erh tea

Ever heard of a fire-roasted puerh?

Long Yuan Mark Enchanting Fire-roasted Sheng Pu'erh Tea 

This gem hails from the Bulang Mountains in Meng Hai, Yunnan, made available from a highly respected puerh producer. The first production run of this style of tea came in 2008, and though widely acclaimed, this tea did not see a second edition until 2017! We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to source some of this amazing tea for you, as it is not easy to procure.

So what makes this tea special?

In the puerh making process, where Mao Cha  is sun-dried before being pressed into the cakes we all know and love, this particular Sheng puerh from Long Yuan Hao factory is wrapped in a local, leafy plant and lightly roasted before it is pressed. This imparts to the tea a very subtle roastiness to it that you will not find in other puerhs. If one of the reasons we enjoy our puerh teas is for their depth, the roasting element adds a whole other variable, introducing even veteran puerh drinkers to something fresh and exciting.

With this tea, it’s all about that zhang, a special flavor (樟), a woodsy, cooling sensation as you take each sip, reminiscent of a pine-, camphor-, or cedar-like quality. This transportive sensation makes you feel as though you are walking through a secluded forest peppered with towering evergreen trees.

Sheng pu'erh tea mao cha raw green puer Yunnan Bulang Shan

In tasting Long Yuan Mark puerh, a distinct aromatic profile jumps out as soon as the leaves are dampened from a splash of hot water right off of a boil—mint chocolate chip! To be clear, this isn’t your usual mint chocolate chip ice cream with bucket loads of sugar, but fresh mint leaf with dark, bitter chocolate, a classic combination of flavors. These aromatics are the result of the zhang characteristic of good, young sheng puerh and the roasting process with this particular tea.

enchanting Long Yuan huo shao sheng puerh tea

With each subsequent steep, the zhang remains a staple but the flavors slowly become increasingly herbaceous, displaying prominently an oregano note with hints of apple peel, cedar, and sage. The richness of these flavors makes this tea just absolutely perfect for enjoying over a hearty meal, especially since puerh aids in digestion.

One should be aware, however, that this is not a puerh for the faint of heart. This tea has a sharp, complex flavor, one suited for puerh tea drinkers who are accustomed to sipping teas with a lot of depth. So if you’re looking to expand your palate and stock of tea, then this is the puerh for you!

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