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Shop our exclusive collection of artisanal and handcrafted Yixing Zisha teapots, finely made from the authentic Zisha clay. 

Zisha teapots are very unique to Chinese tea culture and are an essential brewing vessel for gongfu tea. Zisha refers specifically to a special purple clay that originates from Yixing city of Jiangshu province, China. Yixing has a long history of producing Zisha teapots, due to its unique mineral components and the structural attributes of its raw material. Zisha tea pots are renowned for their ability to enhance tea’s aroma and flavor. With their smaller sizes, they are an ideal vessel for the multiple smaller steepings associated with brewing gongfu tea.  

Our Yixing Zisha teapots are all handcrafted from authentic Yixing clay. Other lower quality teapots are not handmade from authentic Zisha clay, but are typically machine-made teapots, incorporating non-Zisha clay and chemical additives. Also, a lot of these mass-produced "fake" Zisha teapots usually exhibit strange or strong unnatural odors. Authentic Yixing clay teapots will enhance the flavor of your tea, and are naturally non-toxic. A truly authentic clay teapot's glaze will deepen in color and shine over a period of use. It is a fun and enjoyable experience to watch your tea pot grow more radiant over time.