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Jingdezhen blue and white porcelain tea cup meditation monk
Jingdezhen blue and white porcelain tea cup meditation monk

Treasure Jingdezhen Blue and White Porcelain Tea Cup Zen Meditation 南山禅坐


Since 2015, Victoria has visited this renowned studio on a regular basis and has been introduced to the most authentic Jingdezhen clay, handcrafted by master level artists incorporating the latest design trends in the porcelain tea ware market. This tea cup is made from authentic Jingdezhen porcelain with a traditional Yuan Rong shape. Yuan Rong means round and harmony in Chinese. 

The art work features an ancient Chinese monk sitting on a high mountain cliff and meditating on Zen philosophy. It is inspired by famous monk Hui Neng's poem from the Tang dynasty, which depicts him sitting on a Nanshan mountain cliff, meditating on Zen philosophy. The poem says "sitting quietly on the Nantai mountain burning incense contemplating every day, all worries and anxiety are gone and not a thought in my mind. Not because I want to get rid of delusion, but because there is nothing to think about". 


Fine porcelain can enhance the flavor of the tea. This cup is a beautiful representation of classic porcelain artwork and serves as an elegant, comfortable to hold vessel. It is a great addition to your tea ware collectibles. 

 Capacity:  150ml / 5oz.