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Masterpiece Yixing Zisha Teapot Octagonal Tall-hat Shi Mao Hu

It was a pleasure and honor to visit the famed potter master Qian He Sheng. He is a widely respected master, and the nephew of one of the most legendary Yixing potter master Ms. Jiang Rong, who is accredited as the Master of Arts and Crafts of China by the Chinese government. He was working under her supervision at the Yixing Zisha Factory during the 1970s to 1990s until the Zisha pottery works were no longer a state-owned business. I have attached several pics of the tea pot and me with master Qian. In the photo, the lady is Ms. Jiang Rong. The Chinese words means Jiang Rong's Protégé. I personally own several teapot of his work. This is the smaller one than the other pieces.

The photos can't really capture the essence of this teapot and the extended art work. This shape also alludes to the tall hats worn by high-level officials during the Han to Tang dynasty. Traditional Chinese culture respects power and wealth. The intricate carvings carefully crafted across the eight panels refer to ancient poems and paintings, magnificently illustrating Chinese culture and tradition in this amazing piece. 

The number eight in Chinese, implies fortune and auspiciousness, hence the octagonal shape. Special shapes of teapots, such as this one, are much harder to make than the typical round form, and require a more extended skill set. Also, the clay is high-grade genuine Yixing Zisha clay which is harder to find nowadays on the market.  You will find that authentic high-quality Yixing clay makes a significant difference in tea brewing and the beauty to the eye.

Capacity: 170ml/5.8oz