2015 Yiwu Zheng Shan Raw Sheng Pu-erh Tea - MeiMei Fine Teas
2015 Yiwu Zheng Shan Raw Sheng Pu-erh Tea - MeiMei Fine Teas
2015 Yiwu Zheng Shan Raw Sheng Pu-erh Tea - MeiMei Fine Teas
One tong of Yiwu Zhen Shan Zhong Ji Hao sheng puerh tea
Yiwu mountain sheng puerh tea Yunnan raw puerh

2015 Yiwu Zheng Shan Raw Sheng Pu-erh Tea

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Yiwu Mountain is together the famed ancient six puerh tea mountains in Qing dynasty, located in the Southwest of Meng Na county. Yiwu Mountain used to be called Man Sha Mountain, The name is the translation of the local Dai ethical group. Yi means beautiful woman, Wu means snakes, so Yiwu means the place where the beautiful girl of snake resides. In Qing dynasty, puerh tea produced in the six ancient tea mountains were collectively called Shan Cha, literally means Mountain Tea while tea produced in Menghai county called Ba Cha, means highland tea. To distinguish, Yiwu Mountain, among other five tea mountains, is traditionally called Yiwu Zhen Shan, meaning the origin mountain or the core mountain.

The original flavor and taste of the legendary Yiwu Zhen Shan is embodied in this tea. This tea is the signature sheng Pu-erh from the Zhong Ji Menghai Tea Factory. After four years of aging, this tea increasingly shines through with its pleasant floral fragrance, fruity and delicate flavor, smooth and sweet taste. 

Traditionally, puerh cakes are stacked together and wrapped in a bamboo skin case called a tong. One tong is composed of 7 individual cakes. To purchase a tong, please contact us directly.

Additional Info

Origin:                     Yiwu, Yunnan province, China

Harvest Time:         Spring 2015

Elevation:                1200 -1600 meters

Bush Varietal:         Yunnan Da Ye (large leaves)

Caffeine level:         Medium

    Tasting Notes

    It is very fragrant, full bodied, smooth, fruity, delicate, with a sweet aftertaste or Hui Gan. 

    Steeping Guide

    210oF, 4g for 6 oz of spring/filtered water, 0.5 minute, up to 12 steepings, adjust to taste. We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water. 

    It is recommended to use the Gongfu brewing method in order to get the most out of this tea. Please click here for Gongfu brewing instructions.