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Secret Forest Wild Grown Arbor Tree Raw Pu-erh Tea

This tea was organically grown in the pristine national forest in the legendary Yiwu tea mountains and processed by hand using traditional methods. This unique and natural environment gives the tea a very pleasant floral fragrance and a fruity, clean, smooth and sweet taste. The wilderness and clean environment are clearly reflected in the tea liquor, or as tea connoisseurs’ language, “Yun”. Yun is unique to specific tea and its growing environment. This tea will not only satisfy your taste buds, but also gives your body a contemplate state and warm sensation. A jewel from the Yiwu's national forest, this tea will exceed your expectations and become your pick-me-up great value tea! 


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 Yiwu National Forest grown pu-erh tea mountains by Meimei Fine Teas  Yiwu pu-erh tea process meimei fine teas

Origin:                     Yiwu mountain, Yunnan province, China

Harvest Time:         Spring 2018

Elevation:                1200 meters

Bush Varietal:         Yunnan Zhong Ye (Mid-size leaves)

    Tasting Notes

    This tea has a very pleasant floral fragrance and notes of fruit, very smooth with sweet aftertaste. 

    Steeping Guide

    210oF, 4g for 6 oz of spring/filtered water, 0.5-1 minute, up to 8 steepings, adjust to taste. We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water. 

    It is recommended to use the Gongfu brewing method in order to get the most out of this tea. Please click here for Gongfu brewing instructions.