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Yiwu Guo You Lin National Forest Ancient Tree Sheng Pu'erh Tea 国有林

Guo You Lin, or “national forest” in English, is a trendy concept in recent years, referring to tea leaves harvested from deep forest owned by the government, often refers to Yiwu mountain region of national forest. These national forests have existed for centuries, with most of them along the borders of Laos and Myanmar. Since these tea trees grow in such a highly natural ecological environment, it gives the tea leaves a more profound taste and rich substance. Due to its rarity and preciousness, tea from the national forests has very limited yield, so it has become the most sought-after tea among pu-erh tea connoisseurs. Due to its popularity and high demand, there are some copycats and faked teas, using leaves intermingled from other areas or simply inferior Pu-erh leaves that are labeled as Guo You Lin. Our brand is 100% pure leaves from the national forest, no blends, no mixes. Tea cakes are double wrapped by food graded paper, Nei Fei embedded on the cake is a real tea leaf. 

We are thrilled to offer this exquisite tea from Victoria’s annual Yunnan tea trip. This tea is from the first spring harvest, rich in content and taste, very smooth and creamy, having a taste of the wilderness, honey, with strong Cha Qi and Hou Yun, producing a long-lasting aftertaste. You feel the energy flows inside your body after several sipping and you feel your body is either relaxed or more focused. It can last over 20 steeping if use gongfu tea brewing. It is a truly special tea that will expand the horizons of your tea journey, and with age, an even greater value.        

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Origin:                      Yi Wu mountain, Yunnan province, China 

Harvest Time:          April 1 2018

Elevation:                About 1500m

Bush Varietal:         Yunnan Da Ye (large leaves)

    Tasting Notes

    Very floral and creamy, smooth, full bodied, honey sweet, strong cha qi and huigan, with a long-lasting aftertaste. 

    Steeping Guide

    210°F, 4g for 4-6 oz of spring/filtered water, about 0.5-1 minute for the first several steepings , 1-2 min. for the later steepings, up to 10 steepings. We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water.

    It is recommended to use the Gongfu brewing method in order to get the most out of this tea. Typically use 7g to 160 ml spring water, steep for 20s to 30s. Please click here for more detailed Gongfu brewing instructions.