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West Lake Dragon Well (Xi Hu Long Jing)

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This is one of the ten most famous teas in China, a true origin legendary tea. This tea possesses the four distinct characteristics of high quality dragon well green tea: a signature flat spear shape, pale green color, intense nutty aroma, and a sweet full mouth feel. It has incredible aroma and nutty flavor, a true heavenly tea. 

Notes from an independent review: "When looking at the leaves I noticed some had wonderful trichome fuzzballs, a sign that yep, these are picked super early and have their young leaf fuzziness, most of the fuzz gets rubbed off during pan firing, but some gets left behind as little fuzzballs. I call them lucky, because whenever I see them I know I am in for a treat."

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This is one of the most prized legendary teas in China. The Chinese name Long Jing, literally translates as Dragon Well. The beautiful scenery of West Lake, Huangzhou and its rich history have given this tea a romantic and spiritual appeal. It gained its fame when the emperor Qian Long of the Qing dynasty about 250 years ago visited Shifeng Mountain in West Lake, and conferred 18 bushes as tribute tea. Since then, this tea has remained the most sought after tea in China and around the world. 

Traditionally Dragon Well green tea possesses four distinct characteristics: a signature flat spear shape, pale green color, intense nutty aroma, and a sweet full mouth feel. Nowadays, it is harder to find high quality Dragon Well that possesses these four attributes since Dragon Well has been cultivated in other parts of China, resulting in varying quality and flavors. This is a true origin tea. It is a pleasant experience to watch the tea leaves opening up in the water and taste its incredible aroma and sweet nutty flavor. If you love green tea, this tea is a must try.   


Origin:                     West Lake, Huangzhou, China

Harvest:                   Pre-Ming 2017

Caffeine level:        Medium

Health Benefits:           Green tea is loaded with antioxidants. Studies suggest green tea has the following health benefits.

  • Helps to fight cancer
  • Helps to reduce radiation
  • Helps to relax mind and reduce stress
  • Helps to reduce the effects of aging
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Helps to detox the body 

    This handcrafted tea has typical west lake dragon well signature aroma with roasted nutty flavor, full bodied, slightly vegital taste with smooth and sweet aftertaste that lingers in your mouth and nose. 

    180oF, 4g (2 tbsp) for 6-8 oz of spring/filtered water, adjust to taste, 1 minutes, up to 3 steepings. We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water.

    To get the most enjoyment out of the tea, we recommend using a glass brewing vessel without an infuser, pouring the hot water first, adding the tea, and then smelling the amazing aroma and admiring the opening of the tea leaves.