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Tea 202: Oolong Tea Fundamentals And Tasting , A Flight of Five Famous Teas

Explore and learn about the famous Chinese oolong teas and why they are trending up. Gain a comprehensive knowledge about oolong tea; its categories, the history and culture, their true origins and terroirs, the craftsmanship involved in the making of a fine oolong, brewing techniques and health benefits. Compare and taste five world class oolong teas, including Tie Guan Yin, Phoenix Dan Cong, Wuyi Rock Oolong. An incredible life-learning and sensory experience you will not forget. 

This class is conducted by Victoria Wu, who is a tea expert and has traveled extensively to historical and modern tea regions, learning all about tea from growers and tea masters, and through her studies of Chinese tea at various institutions throughout China. 

Class is 2.5 hours in duration in a small classroom environment. PowerPoint slides and many field photos and videos are presented. Minimum 4 participants is required to ensure the best learning experience. Gourmet cookies and snacks will be provided. 

    When:   Sunday, Feb. 9th , 2020, 3:00-5:30pm 

    Where:  Fairfax, VA.  Details will be sent to registrants only. 

    $ 80.00
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