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Tea 201 All Thing Puerh Tea and Focused Tasting of Five Pu'erh Teas

Explore and learn the fundamentals of pu'erh tea, its origin, history, terroir, unique production process, tasting profile, aging properties, storage, and health benefits. A comparison between the two subcategories, sheng (raw) and shu (ripened/cooked) pu'erh will be studied, and attendees will gain a thorough understanding of puerh and its aging properties. 

This class is conducted by Victoria Wu, who is a tea expert and has traveled extensively to historical pu'erh tea mountains of Yunnan, learning all about puerh tea from growers and tea masters, and through her studies of Chinese tea at various institutions throughout China.

Class is 2.5 hours in duration in a small classroom environment. PowerPoint slides and many field photos and videos are presented. Maximum 8 participants to ensure the best learning experience. Cookies and snacks will be provided. 

  • An introduction to pu'erh tea, its history, culture and tradition.
  • Terroir - the core producing regions of pu'erh tea and their characteristics and tasting profiles. An explanation of the differences between Garden (Tai Di Cha) pur-erh and ancient arbor tree (Gushu Cha) pu'erh. 
  • Contrast raw pu'erh and cooked pu'erh for their processing and aging properties. 
  • Tasting a flight of five puerh teas, of rare high quality, from a first year young sheng puerh, three-year old sheng, 10-year old sheng, 20-year aged sheng puerh, 12-year old shu puerh. 
  • The health benefits of sheng and shu pu'erh and how to select a quality sheng and shu pu'erh, respectively. 
  • How to properly store pu'erh tea
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