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Signature Wuyi Rock Oolong Tea Sampler

A great way to sample renowned world class Wuyi rock oolong teas or as a gift for tea lovers. This sampler contains four famous Zhen Yan grade oolong teas of 8.3 grams each (1 pao each, total 4 small packs). It includes the best of Rou Gui, Shui Xian, Shui Jin Gui, and Bai Ji Guan. Each small pack can steep up to at least 8 steepings. This set includes: 

Award-winning Rou Gui Cinnamon – Horse Head Rock is one of the most famous rou gui rock teas, this tea has distinctive cinnamon fragrance, robust flavor with hints of fruity notes. A simply amazing tea.

Silver Medal Winner Zhen Yan Shui Xian - Shui Xian is one of the most popular rock tea for its renowned fragrance and fruity taste. The rich aroma of orchid and gardenia are very noticeably reflected in a satisfying cup. Very smooth and sweet. 

Golden Water Turtle (Shui Jin Gui) - This tea is one of the old four prestigious rock teas. From our private stash, this tea stands out as multi-layered and fruity with distinct plum notes. A great example for expanding your extensive knowledge of Wuyi rock oolong. 

White Rooster (Bai Ji Guan) - Not commonly grown in the Wuyi mountain core producing area, this tea showcases the diversified taste profile unique to the rock oolong family.  With a very distinct floral flavor profile, you will immediately notice its uniqueness among Wuyi oolongs.