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Sichuan Legendary Green Tea Sampler

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Sichuan is one of the oldest and major tea producing regions in China. It has been producing some exotic and best green teas since Tang dynasty. This sampler set is great to expand your palate or simply introducing someone to premium Chinese green teas or as a gift. 

  • Includes four 12 gram premium Sichuan origin teas. 
  • Each tea is packed in a foil re-sealable bag for maximum protection and convenient storage.
  • Each tea makes approximately 12-18 cups. 
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This sampler contains four teas of 12 grams each, includes:

Meng Ding Yellow Buds -  This is the highest grade yellow tea, consisting solely of buds. Once a tribute tea, it is very elegant and sensational, even uncommon to be found in China nowadays. This is the first pluck of the season, has pleasant fragrance, complex flavor and slight sweetness. Yellow tea still contains the same level of theanine as green tea, but with a sweeter and more mellow taste, and doesn't get bitter. 

Meng Ding Sweet Dew (Gan Lu) Top Grade – This is the highest grade Gan Lu consisting of nearly all buds with a very small percentage of one bud with one young leaf. This tea was delicately hand rolled three times, thus the dry leaves have curly, downy white hairs. These tiny buds yield a sweet and refreshing taste and a pleasant aroma. It is very smooth, mellow, sweet, and has a hint of buttery taste that is scarcely found in other green teas.

Zhu Ye Qing (Green Bamboo Tips) – Zhu Ye Qing has risen to be one of the most famous teas in recent decades due to its exceptional quality and production standards. This is a truly beautiful tea; slim, slightly curved, carefully plucked, and delicately processed. Zhu Ye Qing is known for its uniform tea leaves, bamboo leaf shape (hence the name) and for its beautiful steeping qualities. This tea has a hint of nutty aroma, a good balance of buttery and sharpness, full bodied, and is very soothing and refreshing. 

Jasmine Green Tea Snowflakes Premium - The Chinese name "Bi Tan Piao Xue" means "snow falling upon an emerald pond".  Unlike most jasmine scented teas which are typically made from lower quality tea leaves, this rare jasmine-scented tea is produced from the finest quality green tea leaves. The leaves are scented four to five times during the scenting process, resulting in an intense and delightful aroma. The incredible fragrance lingers in your mouth and nose after each sip, enriching your sensory experience.