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Puer Tea Sampler

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A great way to sample our premium Puer teas or introducing someone to Puer tea. Perfect for a gift to tea beginners or tea lovers. 

  • Includes four 12-15 gram premium Puer teas.
  • Each tea is packed in a foil re-sealable bag for maximum protection and convenient storage.
  • Each tea makes approximately 12-18 cups. 
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Puer Tea Sampler contains four Puer teas of 12-15 grams each. This set includes: 

2003 Vintage Gong Ting Cooked Puer Mini Cake - Puer tea is one of the treasure teas from China. It has dynamic terroir and taste flavor profile owing to its complex aging process, which has attributes similar to fine wine. It also has great health benefits. Gong Ting is the highest leaf quality grade tea. This tea has been aged for 12 years and has reached its prime for consumption. Pressed into mini cake for convenient use and travel. This tea has amazing taste, smooth earthy flavor, a hint of dark chocolate and caramel, and a smooth aftertaste. Great for all occasions, especially after a heavy meal to help digestion. 

Bing Dao Ancient Tree Spring Raw Puer Cake – This tea came from the famous Bing Dao village which lies at an altitude of 1600 meters, in Meng Ku town of Lin Cang city, Yunnan. Bing Dao has a long history of producing Yunnan Da Ye (large leaves) puer tea. Usually puer tea produced from old tea trees at a high altitude have higher quality in aroma and taste, and that is why puer tea produced from old trees is more expensive than garden grown puer teas. This tea is picked in early spring, produced in the traditional methods, and pressed by hand in a stone mold. 

Yunnan Ancient Tree Moonlight White Puer Tea –  This is a truly beautiful tea with a romantic name, the highest grade of Moonlight White tea. It comes from Lin Cang county of Yunnan province, China. Yue Guang means moonlight, bai means white. It is a particular style of tea similar to white tea but also resembles puer tea.  This tea has great health benefits and is a great alternative for people who like more of a robust taste and depth of flavor than green tea. Also  recommend for people who wish to explore puer tea but find classic Puer tea a bit too strong for their palate.  

Wild Grown Purple Buds Raw Puer Cake - This is a rare puer tea from Menghai, Yunnan province. The tea tree is a variation of the local Yunnan Da Ye (large leaves) varietal scarcely growing in the wild with an altitude of more than 2000 meters high in the mountains. Most of the wild grown trees are more than 100 years old. The bud and three young leaves are purple in the spring, and then the leaves grow into dark green color. The locals call this tree "Purple Buds". Studies have suggested that purple buds tea helps to reduce blood pressure as much as 35% as compared to other Yunnan Da Ye puer teas (29%). This Puer tea has an intense aroma of sweet fig and ripe melon with a smooth finish.