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Premium Pu'erh Tea Sampler

A great way to sample our premium pu'erh teas or introducing someone to pu'erh tea. Perfect for a gift to tea beginners or tea lovers. 

  • Includes four 12-15 gram premium Puerh teas.
  • Each tea is packed in a foil re-sealable bag for maximum protection and convenient storage.
  • Each tea makes approximately 12-18 cups. 
$ 36.00
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Puer Tea Sampler contains four Pu'erh teas from the major pu'erh tea regions in Yunnan. This set includes: 

Organic Mu Ye Chun Sweet Breeze Cooked Pu'erh Cake 2007- This delicious 12 year-old shu puerh tea has Chinese organic certification, and is aromatic and fruity. This tea is very sweet, smooth, and becomes sweeter after each steeping. It is a pleasant journey exploring the nuances of each steeping of this wonderful tea. 

Bing Dao Ancient Tree Raw Pu'erh Dragon Balls 2016 – This tea hails from the most famous five villages of Bing Dao, Mengku, Lincong. Each dragon ball is individually steamed, hand pressed and wrapped. Each weighs about 8g, varies from 7.5-8.5g, and is meant for a single serving. This tea is very aromatic, has notes of strong rock sugar and caramel, full bodied, smooth aftertaste.   

Jingmai Ancient Tree Loose Leaf Raw Pu'erh Tea 2016– This is a few puerh teas that we offer in its original form, Mao Cha, meaning loose leaf for the whole experience of puerh. Mao Cha is the loose leaf form before the pu'erh tea is pressed into different shapes. Jingmai tea is known for its orchid aroma and a sweet, satisfying taste. 

Yiwu Waterfall Cave Luo Shui Dong Raw Pu'erh 2019 - Luo Shui Dong is one of the most famous villages in the Yiwu mountains, from one of the most prominent pu'erh tea mountains of the Qing dynasty. Luo Shui Dong puerh tea has won gold medals in each of the past two years in the Mengna region puerh tea competition. This tea has a wild floral fragrance and honey notes, very smooth, pure and sweet, with strong huigan. The leaves are 100% pure from the village, no blends or mixes. A truly special tea that you don’t want to miss.