Meimei Fine Teas - Premium Pu’erh Tea Sampler - Pu-erh Tea

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Pu-erh Tea - Premium Pu’erh Tea Sampler - MeiMei Fine Teas
Pu-erh Tea - Premium Pu’erh Tea Sampler - MeiMei Fine Teas
Pu-erh Tea - Premium Pu’erh Tea Sampler - MeiMei Fine Teas

Premium Pu'erh Tea Sampler

$ 50.00

This sampler contains four Pu'erh teas from the major pu'erh tea regions spanning multiple styles, from loose leaf maocha, to cakes, mini cakes, raw and shu pu-erh. It contains both types of Pu-erh, raw and shu, each with a differing taste profile. If you are interested in learning about quality Pu-erh tea or simply broadening your horizons, this sampler is a great way to go. 

  • Includes four premium Pu-erh teas of 15g each, good for two standard gongfu tea brewing sessions of 7-8g leaf each to 150ml of water.  
  • Each tea is packed in a foil re-sealable pouch for maximum protection and convenient storage.
  • Each gongfu tea session makes approximately 12-15 cups.  

2007 Tongqing Hao Mark Shu Puerh Tea - This 15 year-old shu puerh tea is aromatic, very sweet, smooth, and becomes sweeter after each steeping. It is a great sampling for exploring and understanding aged shu puerh tea. 

Confidant Big Snow Mountain Arbor Tree Mini Cake 2017 – This tea hails from the famous Big Snow Mountain Village, Lincong. Each mini cake is individually pressed and wrapped, weighs about 8.3g, and is meant for a single serving. This tea is very aromatic, sweet and mouth watering, strong huigan, full bodied with smooth aftertaste. 

Jingmai Ancient Tree Mao Cha Raw Pu'erh Tea 2016 – This is one of a few puerh teas that we offer in its loose leaf, or Mao Cha, before the puerh loose leaf tea is normally pressed into different shapes. Jingmai tea is known for its orchid aroma and a sweet, satisfying taste. 

Enchanting Huo Shao Long Yuan Mark Sheng Puerh - A gem from the famous Long Yuan Mark Producer in Menghai, this tea has a wild floral fragrance, hints of apple peel, cedar and sage. The Zhang flavor, a woodsy cooking sensation reminiscent of a camphor or cedar like taste is a rare find in a puerh tea.  A truly special tea that you don’t want to miss.  

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