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Meng Ding Yellow Buds Yellow Tea (Huang Ya)

This is the highest grade yellow tea, consisting solely of buds. Once a tribute tea, it has elegant apperance and sensational flavor, even uncommon to be found in China nowadays. It has nutty flavor, slight vegital taste, sweet with hint of pea and asparagus. Yellow tea still contains the same level of theanine as green tea, but with a sweeter and more mellow taste, and doesn't get bitter. 

Notes from an independent review: "Refill time! I like this tea because it does not seem to really get bitter, I can lounge and slowly sip while not getting a face full of over-brewed, so big win there. The second sipping session with this tea is both more sweet and more green than the first. Starting with slightly nutty honey sweetness and a delicate hint of distant floral, then it moves to green beans and artichokes and just a hint of asparagus. I got several refills out of this tea...."

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Meng Ding Yellow Budsa statue of a man is one of several famous yellow teas produced in China. It was an imperial tribute tea since the Song dynasty. This is a truly fascinating tea with a rich history that we proudly carry. This tea is very special, produced in misty mountainous Meng Ding, Sichuan province, where tea was first cultivated in China about 1200 years ago. 

Yellow Buds that is plucked from the local old Sichuan tea bush varietal (thinner and smaller leaves) has stronger aroma than other more common tea bushes in the Meng Ding tea-producing region. This tea is carefully plucked in early March, and consists solely of buds. Making yellow tea requires extensive skills and is labor intensive, so production is limited to the remaining few tea masters. It is a truly precious tea, not even commonly found in the local region.     

This is the first pluck of the season, has pleasant fragrance, complex flavor and slight sweetness. Yellow tea still contains the same level of theanine as green tea, but with a sweeter and more mellow taste, and doesn't get bitter.

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Origin:                        Ming Shan, Sichuan province, China

Bush Varietal:           Sichuan local varietal

Caffeine Level:          Medium 

Packaging:               We use the highest quality resealable foil pouches on the market to completely block light and moisture, ensuring that the tea retains maximum freshness. Also the resealable pouch is not only convenient, but saves you from purchasing additional tea tins.  

This tea has a nutty and complex flavor, a hint of pea and asparagus, with a smooth and sweet finish. It even taste sweeter after cool down. It stand multiple steeps and doesn't become bitter, very forgiving.   

The following notes are from an independent tea review. 

"The aroma of the leaves is gentle and green, light notes of green beans and asparagus, a hint of sweet peas and bamboo leaves. With these green notes is a hint of toast and grain, buckwheat, chestnut and wheat berries blend really well with the green notes."

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180-185oF, 4 grams (1 tbsp) for 6 ounces of spring/filtered water, adjust to taste, 1-2 minutes,  3 steepings. We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water.