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Artisan Jianshui Purple Clay Xi Shi Teapot Wood-fired by Lang Gui

This teapot is completely hand-crafted and wood-fired by the famed Jian Shui potter master artist Lang Gui (浪鬼). Lang means wandering in Chinese, Gui means ghost. Lang Gui's given name is Xiao Chun Kui, Lang Gui is his artist pseudonym. He is a sculptor and master potter. He represents the best-in-class for wood-firing techniques and supreme pottery craftsmanship. His pottery art work typically includes his trademark "butterfly", and this one is no exception. The colorful teapot is exceptionally well-made. The vivid yellow with a greenish hue is very difficult to fire, but he did it! The butterfly adds romance and imagination to the artistic beauty of this teapot. 

Xi Shi is the ancient Chinese beauty legend. Xishi teapot is a classic style of Yixing teapots, yet Lang Gui not only imitated the essence of this classic Yixing teapot style, but raised it to a new aesthetic level. It will surely elevate your authentic tea experience and is a great investment in your tea life. 

Jian Shui clay is extracted from the local "five color" mountain, in which the soil has abundant deposits of red, yellow, purple, white, and brownish clay content, which the locals refer to as "Wu Se Tu", meaning five color soil. Iron is the richest element in this clay, so a lot of Jian Shui teapots have a black color or are mixed tones, featuring reddish or copper tints. Jian Shui Purple Clay Pottery was established during the Tang dynasty, about 1200 years ago, and is one of the four famous Chinese potteries.

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Capacity: 150ml / 5.1oz