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Jian Zhan You Di Tea Cup Magnolia Blossom Shape 100ml

Jian Zhan cups are produced in Shui Ji town of Jianyang city, Fujian province, also known as Jian Kiln. Jian Zhan is the art of pottery, the art of manipulating clay and fire. It has a reputation as the number one tea cup on earth. Jian Zhan is fired at about 1300 Celsius, a very high firing temperature for the iron rich glazing clay, which makes it very difficult to successfully produce desired colors and patterns. Therefore, due to this natural firing process, the colors and patterns on each Jian Zhan are typically slightly different within the same batch.  

Shui Jie town is known for its iron rich clay that produces the best quality Jian Zhan. The genuine local clay is either dark gray or black due to its rich content of iron. There are many low quality Jian Zhan cups on the market, but the high quality ones are those that use true iron-rich local clay which creates beautiful colors and patterns. The high quality authentic Jian Zhan cups are usually heavy. The beautiful colors of a Jian Zhan cup will glow and somewhat change a bit when in the contact with water and will become more subtle over a period of use.  Jian Zhan cups can soften the water due to the rich iron in the clay, thus enhancing the taste of the tea. They are good for any type of tea, especially for full-bodied teas.

Jian Zhan and Tenmoku share some similarities, however, they are not the same. Tenmoku refers to the type of cup that is mainly produced in Japan (and some in Taiwan), while Jian Zhan is only produced in Jianyang, Fujian province of China. The clay of Tenmoku cups are not as iron rich as Jian Zhan cups, and have more colorful patterns that are more uniform than those found in Jian Zhan cups. 

This cup reminiscent of a blossoming Magnolia flower, with its body elegantly tapering down to its firm base. An magnificent piece indicative of the pinnacle of Chinese ancient pottery craftsmanship! It is strikingly beautiful and one-of-a-kind that exclusive to our online store. 

Size and Capacity:    Gold You Di:          100ml, wt 6.1 oz, tall 2.2'', diameter 3.1"

                                   Blue You Di:           90ml, wt 6.21 oz, tall 2.2'', diameter 3.0"

                                   Gold Blue You Di:  100ml, wt 5 oz, tall 2.2'', diameter 3.1"

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