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Jian Zhan Tea Cup Rabbit Fur 100ml

Jian Zhan cups are produced in Shui Ji town of Jianyang city, Fujian province, also known as Jian Kiln. Jian Zhan is the art of pottery, the art of manipulating clay and fire. It has a reputation as the number one tea bowl. Jian Zhan is fired at about 1300 Celsius, a very high firing temperature for the iron rich clay, which makes it very difficult to successfully produce desired colors and patterns. Therefore, due to this natural firing process, the colors and patterns on each Jian Zhan are typically somewhat different within the same batch. The color of the cup changes with its environment due to its reflective nature.

Rabbit fur is especially difficult to product due to the nature of firing and material clay. This cup is strikingly beautiful and one-of-a-kind that exclusive to our online store. Rabbit fur is harder to produce than other patterns due to firing conditions. It is truly an magnificent piece indicative of the pinnacle of Chinese ancient pottery craftsmanship! It is a great functional piece for everyday use as well as a great investment for years to come. 

Size and Capacity:   100 ml, wt 5.2 oz, height: 2.2 ", diameter: 3.2 "