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Green Tea Sampler

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A great way to sample our premium green teas or introducing someone to exotic Chinese teas. Perfect for a gift to tea beginners or tea lovers. 

  • Includes four 12 gram premium green teas.
  • Each tea is packed in a foil re-sealable bag for maximum protection and convenient storage.
  • Each tea makes approximately 12-14 cups. 
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Green Tea Sampler contains four Chinese green teas of 12 grams each. This set includes:

Dragon Well - This is one of the most famous and most prized teas in China. This tea possesses four distinct characteristics of Dragon Well: a signature flat spear shape, pale green color, intense nutty aroma, and a sweet full mouth feel. This tea is great value for your daily cup. 

Premium Jasmine Loose Leaf Green Tea - One of the most famous Jasmine teas in China, this tea has an incredible intense floral aroma complemented by a full-bodied green tea smoothness that lingers in your mouth and nose. A "wow" tea you don't want to miss. 

En Shi Jade Dew - This is one of the top ten famous teas in China. It is named Jade Dew due to its three distinct features: green dry leaves, bright green liquor, and light green wet leaves. It is one of a few steamed Chinese green teas that employs the ancient steaming method in the process of making green tea. It is the only tea that is high in selenium due to the rich soil of its terroir. A great tea for both taste and health benefits. 

Liu An Gua Pian - This tea has a bright and clean green color and a unique flavor profile due to its unique harvesting standard, firing and roasting process. It provides a floral aroma, a rich complex flavor, and a light vegetal sweetness with no grassiness or bitter aftertaste.