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Genuine Yixing Zisha Purple Clay Teapot - Zhu Ni Shi Piao Xiao Hu

Shi Piao means “stone scoop” in Chinese. It is one of the famed Man Sheng eighteen classic style teapots. It has a smaller mouth and a big wide bottom, with the main body shaped like a pyramid. It has a straight spout, an arched bridge on the lid, and a triangular-shaped handle. The trapezoid body and the inverted triangle handle wonderfully complete the geometric aesthetics of this piece in perfect harmony, and it is yet practical enough for everyday use and for simple visual appreciation. The name of this classic style is accredited to the most famed master potter Gu Jing Zhou, who first named it “Shi Piao”, as an homage to the ancient Chinese poem, “Three thousand weak waters, only one scoop”.

Zisha is known to have the ability to absorb tea liquor and flavor. Over a period of time the surface of the tea pot can reflect the color and aroma of the tea that it brews and become glazed. 

This teapot is already seasoned. Ready to use. 

Capacity:   150ml / 5oz. Clay: Yixing Zisha Zhu Ni. 

$ 325.00
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