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Genuine Yixing Zisha Purple Clay Small Teapot Auspicious - Ru Yi Xiao Hu

Ruyi means auspicious in Chinese. Twisted lotus flower is the classic theme in ancient Chinese painting and pottery as lotus flower represent auspicious and happiness. This teapot has the shape of classic style called Fang Gu with the main body shaped like a drum which complement with the round handle in perfect harmony. This style is very practical for everyday use and for simple visual appreciation. 

Zisha is known to have the ability to absorb tea liquor and flavor. Over a period of time the surface of the tea pot can reflect the color and aroma of the tea that it brews and become glazed. 

This teapot is already seasoned. Ready to use. 

Capacity:   125ml / 4.3 oz. Clay: Yixing Zisha Zhu Ni. 

$ 336.00
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