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Focused Tea Tasting 202: the Fundamentals And Tasting of Oolong Tea, Hands-on

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A true special class to learn basics of Chinese oolong tea, its special process, varietals, terriors, and health benefits. Comparison between the four types of oolong tea.   

  • A brief introduction to oolong tea, its history, culture and terroir
  • Discuss individual characteristics and taste profiles of oolong tea from the core producing regions
  • Focused tasting of four distinctive oolong tea
  • Hands-on brewing with Gaiwan, each participant has a work station to brew oolong tea 
  • How each type of oolong tea is made and its health claims 
  • How to evaluate a quality oolong tea


When:   TBD

Where:  Fairfax, VA.  Detail will be sent to registrants only. 

$ 45.00
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