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Celadon Gongfu Tea Cup Geyao Kiln Qing Ci Fish's Egg Nest Glaze

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This high quality celadon cup is from Geyao Kiln, Longquan, Zhejiang province. Longquan Geyao kiln is one of the five most famous kilns in ancient China, dating from the Song dynasty, about 12th centuries AD. It has a high reputation for its glaze and its surface “crackle” lines. The glazed surface has tiny intersecting crackles, big and small. Those crackles will gradually appear as a more pronounced nest of lines after a period of use. The glaze of this tea cup is called "Yuziwen", refers to "fish egg nest" in Chinese, as the finish resembles the appearance of fish egg nest. In Chinese tradition, fish egg nest represents abundance and fertility. 

The creaminess, radiance, richness, and smoothness of the glaze on this cup typifies hand crafted high quality celadon. This tea cup is suited for all teas, especially for oolong and puerh tea. It will surely enhance your tea drinking experience.

This cup comes with the master's certificate. 

 Capacity: 80ml / 2.7oz