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Zhu Ye Qing Green Tea

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Zhu Ye Qing has risen to be one of the most famous teas in recent decades due to its exceptional quality and production standards. Hand picked and hand made from only buds, it is stunningly beautiful. This tea has a hint of nutty aroma, a good balance of buttery and grassy, full bodied, and is very soothing and refreshing. 

Zhu Ye Qing, meaning "green bamboo tip" in Chinese, is one of the famed teas of Sichuan, China. Meng Ding mountain in Sichuan province was the birth place of tea cultivation about 1200 years ago. In particular, Meng Ding mountain and Emei mountain are famous for some of the best green teas in China. The rich history and traditional tea production has remained to this day. 


This is a truly beautiful tea; slim, slightly curved, carefully plucked, and delicately processed. Zhu Ye Qing is known for its uniform tea leaves, bamboo leaf shape (hence the name) and for its exceptional quality standards. Since it became known to the world in the 1960's, Zhu Ye Qing has risen to become one of the most famous teas in China due to its exceptional quality and production standards. This dedication to excellence is reflected in the cup, displaying a stunning visual when the wet leaves stand straight up in a glass brewing vessel, like a bamboo forest in your cup. Only premium quality Zhu Ye Qing has the attribute of a "standing" wet leaf. This tea is grown in the high elevations of the lavish green Mengding Mountain, 

Zhu Ye Qing is full bodied, has a hint of asparagus and apricot, very refreshing and soothing. It is simply a delight to just appreciate the leaves. 


Origin:                   Meng Ding mountain, Sichuan, China

Harvest Time:      Early April 2017

Caffeine level:     Low

Packaging:          We use the highest quality resealable foil pouches on the market to completely block light and moisture, ensuring that the tea retains maximum freshness. Also the resealable pouch is not only convenient, but saves you from purchasing additional tea tins.  

Independent Reviews:

    A hint of nutty aroma, a good balance of buttery and grassy, full bodied, and is stunningly refreshing. can be slightly astringent if brewed too long

    175-180oF, 4g (1 tbsp) for 8 ounces of spring/filtered water, adjust to taste, 30 seconds to 1 minute, 3 steepings. We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water.

    To get the most enjoyment out of the tea, we recommend using a glass brewing vessel without an infuser, pouring the hot water first, adding the tea, and then smelling the amazing aroma and admiring the opening and the shape of the tea leaves.