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Jingmai Ancient Tree Loose Leaf Raw Puerh Tea Gu Shu No.1

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Jingmai Mountain is one of the main puer-producing regions in Yunnan province, China. The Jingmai region borders Burma (now Myanmar). It has the oldest and largest cultivated tea gardens in the world that are said to be from one to ten thousand years old. As you can see from the pictures and the video, the tea trees grow among other ancient huge trees, a fantastic ecological environment that makes the Jingmai tea very fragrant.

This tea was sourced by Victoria on her Spring 2016 tea trip. Victoria was personally involved in this tea, from the picking of the fresh leaves to its making by tea master Anbing. This tea is from the famous Jing Mai Da Zai village. It is very fragrant, smooth, and mellow, great for those who are new to puerh tea as well as for puerh tea lovers. Unlike many other raw puerh teas, there is very little bitterness. Jingmai tea is known for its orchid aroma and a sweet, satisfying taste. The orchid aroma will become more pronounced after several years of aging. This tea truly exhibits the best of Jingmai puer tea character.

We didn't have it pressed into cakes as we want to best preserve its original form of the puer tea, even resulting in much greater shipping cost due to its bulk volume than pressed cakes.

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Origin:                     Jing Mai Da Zai village, Jing Mai, Yunnan province, China 

Harvest Time:         March 2016

Bush Varietal:         Yunnan Da Ye (large leaves)

Caffeine level:         Low

Health Benefits:     Puer tea has great health benefits, especially in helping digestion and controlling weight. Puer tea has been used by many ethnic groups in China as a digestive aid for thousands of years. 

  • Aids to digestive system and helps weight control
  • Helps to reduce the effects of aging
  • Helps to reduce blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol
  • Helps to detox the body 

Very fragrant, has orchid floral, refresh, full bodied, creamy, sweet and smooth, with a hint of dates, cantaloupe and shiitake.

200oF, 4g for 6 oz of spring/filtered w ater, 0.5-1 minutes, 5 steepings. We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water.

It is recommended to use the Gongfu brewing method in order to get the most out of this tea. Please click here for Gongfu brewing instructions.