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Early Spring Meng Ding Huang Ya Yellow Tea

From the misty mountains of famous Meng Ding mountain of Yaan, Sichuan province, Meng Ding Yellow tea is one of only several yellow teas produced in the world. Meng Ding mountain is where tea was first cultivated in China about 1200 years ago. This is a fascinating tea with a rich history that we proudly carry. This yellow tea is plucked from the local old Sichuan tea bush varietal (thinner and smaller leaves), and has a stronger aroma and flavor than other more commonly grown tea bushes in the Yaan tea-producing region. The processing of yellow tea requires extensive skills and is more labor-intensive, so production is very limited. It is a truly precious tea, not commonly found, even in the Chinese tea market. 

This tea is such a rare delicacy. Once a tribute tea during Song dynasty, it has an elegant appearance and sensational flavor with floral and nutty notes, buttery, slight vegetal taste. It is so sweet, the minute you pour your water into the tea, you smell the honey sweetness in the air. We detected the notes with sweet pea, artichokes, almond, corn silk, and vanilla. And it really doesn't get bitter. You can lounge and easily brew without worrying about over-brewing or bitterness. You can get several refills out of this tea. 

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Origin:                   Meng Ding mountain, Ming Shan county, Sichuan province, China

Harvest:                Middle March 2020

Varietal:                Sichuan old local varietal (Tu Cha 土茶种)

Plucking standard:   Buds and baby leaf

Packaging:            We use the highest quality resealable foil pouches on the market to completely block light and moisture, ensuring that the tea retains maximum freshness. Also the resealable pouch is not only convenient, but saves you from purchasing additional tea tins.  

This tea has a nutty and complex flavor, a hints of sweet pea, artichokes, almond, corn silk, and vanilla. It is very smooth with a honey sweet finish. It withstands multiple steeps and doesn't become bitter, very forgiving.   

189oF, 4g (1 tbsp) for 6 oz of spring/filtered water, adjust to taste, 1 minutes,  up to 5 steepings. If use gongfu style, recommend to use gaiwan. We advise against the use of tap water as well as purified water. 

We recommend to use gongfu brewing for this tea, use 7g of leave to 120ml gaiwan and you will get the best out of the tea.