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Black Tea Sampler

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A great way to sample our exotic black teas or to introduce someone to premium Chinese teas. Perfect for a gift for tea beginners to tea lovers. 

  • Includes four 12 gram premium Chinese black teas.
  • Each tea is packed in a foil re-sealable pouch for maximum protection and convenient storage.
  • Each pouch makes approximately 12-14 cups. 
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Black Tea Sampler contains four Chinese black teas of 12 grams each. Each type of tea can be steeped three times per brewing session. This set includes:

Award-winning Keemun Imperial Gongfu Black Tea – This is one of the most famous Chinese black teas, well-known for its signature fragrance. Keemun has been the key component in traditional English Breakfast black tea blends. This tea comes from the historic core producing areas of Qimen with an elevation of about 800 meters. It is the highest grade available on the market. When brewed, it produces a brilliant amber color, very floral and fruity, mellow and delicate. 

Yunnan Gold Tips (Dian Hong Jing Ya) – This is a highly prized Chinese black tea, known for its three features: large leaves, golden color and rich aroma. This exotic tea is comprised solely of hand-picked, hand processed, downy golden buds. Full bodied, with a mellow malty base, a distinct floral aroma and hits of roasted peach and melon. A very versatile tea that can be thoroughly enjoyed either hot or iced, breakfast or afternoon tea.

Sichuan Imperial Gongfu Black -  This is an exceptionally well made black tea from Gao Xian county, in southwestern Sichuan province. This tea has a reddish liquor, an intense aroma of roasted black cherry, and a full body with notes of malt and chocolate. Slightly smoky and naturally sweet. 

Lapsang Souchong Black Tea- This true Tong Mu Guan Lapsang Souchong, has black twisted dry leaves, a bright amber liquor, and its signature pinewood smokiness. This tea is top quality, traditionally processed, and moderately smoked over Wuyi mountain pinewood. Well-balanced between smokiness and floral notes, with the classic longan fruit that accents a slightly sweet finish. If you want to experience the true legendary Lapsang Souchong, this is the tea for you.